همه چيز درمورد مکعب داده (Data Cube) و OLAP با مثال عملي 490 تعداد نمایش مکعب داده يا OLAP چيست؟ نوع پایگاه داده ای که تراکنش ها را ذخیره می کند، OLTP یا پردازش تراکنش آنلاین نامیده می شود و برای عملیات ساده مانند درج ، به روز رسانی یا حذف یک مورد کاملاً مناسب […]

Blue economy – The ocean… land of innovation

The blue economy encompasses a vast field of technologies that can help develop the world’s immense maritime resources in a sustainable way while respecting the natural balance. The seas and oceans are fertile ground for innovation and experimentation, with new technologies including: Maritime operations at ever-greater depths Robotics Video surveillance Submersible technologies. Technological progress has […]

Why Collaborating With a Startup Studio Can Result in a Scalable Business Impact

Startups in Asia are growing at a rapid pace but despite the recent successes and heightened global recognition, a lot of startups still struggle to come up with successful innovation and appropriate execution of ideas. It’s a known fact that a majority of startups fail to make a mark for themselves. While failure is an […]

How the Startup Studio Business Model is Changing the Startup Economy as We Know It

The Struggles of Startups With over 160,000 US businesses closing permanently due to the pandemic, it may be problematic to say this is an exciting time for entrepreneurs and investors — but hear me out. Even with the world on pause, investors have been throwing capital at startups like there’s no tomorrow (no pun intended). This is […]